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About Us

Shamken, India’s finest mattresses, launched in 1993, are manufactured by SMC Mattresses Pvt. Ltd. (herein after called SMC). Shamken is a renowned brand of mattresses producing premium products which are available at all leading stores in India.


SMC is a small player with pre-dominant focus on the premium end of the market. The market for home furnishings and made-ups has traditionally been product driven than brand driven and even thought SMC is focused on the premium segment, it’s brand Shamken is yet to gain significant recognition. For mattresses and home furnishings, the various segments of market catered to include institutions like hospitals, hotels and tourist resorts. The company has a distribution network of over 300 dealers and distributors located at all major towns of North India and neighboring countries.


SMC offers a complete range of mattresses categorized as:

Foam- Including various combinations of rebonded foam, PU foam and PE foam

Orthopaedic- including various combinations of high density coir and rebonded foam

Spring- Including combinations of Bonnel and Pocket Spring mattresses

Luxury (Elite Series)- Luxury combinations of softy, HR and Memory foams with rebonded foam and bonnel/ pocket spring.

Other range of Home Furnishing Products include pillows, cushions, boasters, mattress protectors and bed linen.


Shamken mattresses are made with the finest raw material handpicked form the suppliers who are the most quality conscious in the industry internationally and manufacture from the state of the art manufacturing facilities.




Our mattresses are designed keeping in view the need and preference of Indian and Asian customers while assuring them the best quality available internationally. The mattresses are custom made for all kinds and ages of people. There is one for everyone.


For most of the mattresses, premium quality SHAMKEN fabric is used and on some of them high quality jacquard and knitted fabric sourced from top quality suppliers of India and abroad is used. SHAMKEN is one of the only companies to use FIRE RETARDENT and WATER REPELENT fabric on some of its models. Almost all the models of SHAMKEN mattresses are given AZO FREE treatment.

Non AZO FREE dyes, i.e., AZO-dyes are a class of synthetic dyes containing one or more azo groups. Azo is a combination form used in the names of chemical compounds containing the nitrogen or the azo group. These nitrogen double bonds can be broken down into harmful aryl amines. Most of the azo dyes form two aromatic amines, which are carcinogenic amines and when they come in direct contact to the body can cause cancer.